Am I applying to Kindergarten or Harvard?

I have just finished up my application process for my son’s entrance into kindergarten this fall. It has been intense, confusing, stressful and just plain exhausting. I am certain that when I applied to college, it was much less complicated than what I have just experienced.

The Process
To begin the process I had to cast a wide net. I entered the city-wide school magnet lottery. Then I researched every charter school in driving distance and applied to their individual lotteries. I priced out private schools and almost had a heart attack since kindergarten would cost as much as my undergrad degree did. Finally, I explored religious schools which also required a professional assessment of my son prior to submitting an application.

And then we waited.

The Options
Months later I got the results. Zero hits on the magnet schools, one hit on a charter school and yesterday, we received admittance to one catholic school. After comparing war stories with other moms, I know I am lucky to have any options at all to select from. Now it comes down to making the choice.

The Choice
Do I pay $7,000/year for a guaranteed rock solid, traditional, catholic education OR do I go with the free charter school, only open for two years which teaches mandatory mandarin and focuses on physical education and eating right. It is literally like comparing apples and oranges, which coincidently is the only snacks permitted on the charter school premises.

Do I go to church and pray over this decision or meditate in a state of mindfulness? Would the way I choose to decide be an indication of where we should go? Ahhh! I am driving myself nuts!

The Solution
I decided I need help so, I am turning to you. What advice do you have for me? What considerations should I weigh in making this first major decision for my childs education?

I can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks.

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  • I really empathize. There’s so much competing noise out there about the importance of getting our children the “perfect” education when there really is no such thing. Unfortunately I’m no help since I’m in a similar debacle: choosing between the free private kindergarten offered by my husband’s work or the lovely public school with much more diversity. May I suggest you flip a coin? 🙂

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