Artistic Endeavors – A 4 year old and a marker

Today, I was in my sons room, helping him get dressed when I looked down at the white carpet and noticed a drawing in green marker.

Marker Carpet 5:58 Mom

I slowly looked up at him in dismay.
MOM: “Did you….draw….on the carpet….on purpose?”.

Then, with the look he gives me when he thinks I ask him something obvious.
SON: “Uh, yup!”

I was confounded that there was not even the slightest glimpse of remorse. I continued my line of questioning.
MOM: “Don’t you know that you aren’t supposed to draw on the carpet.”
SON: “Oh yeah….I forgot….we are supposed to draw on paper only.”

At this point my interest was peaked. Keeping my voice calm, I continued.
MOM: “So, why did you do it?”
SON: “I just wanted to see what it would look like.”

Then he added…
SON: “It feels different than the table.”
MOM: “The table?”

He took me into the guest bedroom where sure enough, the white desk was now decorated with swirls of blue crayon.


Now I was stuck. I didn’t come out of the gate as the crazed, angry mom so to turn into the tyrant at this point would probably have confused the situation further.

Before I reacted, I paused to think thru my frustration. I narrowed down that drawing on these “alternative surfaces” was an experiment to him, and not something malicious. My main aggravation was thinking about the big mess I would have to clean up, if it would even come out.

Then I had a stroke of genius!
MOM: “Ok, when you get back from school, you have to help me clean up the mess you made.” (Brilliant mom move, as he will learn the repercussions of his actions!)
SON: “Deal, just don’t tell my teacher.” (Ok, that’s a whole different can of worms that we won’t be addressing this morning)

So, with that, I sent him on his way to school.

If I truly have a budding artist on my hands, I may need to look into protecting my walls (just in case)!

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